One of the most used bread maker machines in the market is the Toastmaster Bread Maker. It provides ample number of functions that you can explore and make the freshest of breads early in the morning.

Simplest of operations

This Toastmaster Bread Maker which is of a 1.5 pound capacity is a fine buy for the ones who have a busy schedule and need time management to the optimum. With a 13 hour timer, you have no worries at all for burnt bread. This is one of the simplest bread maker machines in the block. Even your 12 year kid will be able to operate the machine with all the preset settings. There is no need for you to revert back to the manuals and instructions continually while making the bread. Provided with a viewing window, you can take a look at the ginger bread while it is on the rise.

Toastmaster Bread Maker, 1.5 Pound Capacity

The best features

There are two important elements provided that makes this device one of a kind, the backup battery and the fast bake cycle. If you want a freshly baked whole wheat bread in the morning, you can make it under 1 hour. Hence, you will not be missing out on your office meetings either. It comes at a decent price of 66.11$.

This machine with its capacity can feed a four member family and it is great for all the working parents out there. If you have more bread loving family members, you can take a look at the Bread maker Toastmaster Breadbox 1150 as well.

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