If you are an ardent bread lover, the toastmaster bread machine is the ultimate machine for you. No longer will you have to go to the store every morning and grab that piece of bread about which you have no clue on when it has been made and how hygienic it is. Nothing beats the taste of homemade bread. If you incorporate bread in every part of your meal, it is imperative that you get a taste of the fresh oven baked goodness every time you take a bite. The flour and milk is fresh and so is the yeast used. The apprehensions of having stomach issues after having stale bread will no more be there because with the ultimate bread making machine recipe at your disposal. You really do not have to think about anything else.

Understanding the recipe well enough

When you are getting ready to bake bread at home, you obviously need a recipe at hand. Now, if you have ever indulged in baking, you will already know that measurements are everything when it comes to baking. From having the right measuring cup and spoons to the perfect sense of temperature, it all has to come right and timing is everything. With the toastmaster bread machine and oven, there is a lot that you can achieve with the humble flour and water. There are several recipes you can go for but only the tried and the tested are going to work out the best. If you are a beginner, the simple home baked bread is the first thing you should try your hands on.

A simple toastmaster bread machine recipe to make

Here is the most fuss free and uncomplicated recipe you will come across. If you are to follow the instructions to the tee, then it is going to come out fluffy and with a beautiful crust. They say that the beautiful sound of a good crust is what determines the quality of bread and if you want that feel too, you most likely need to follow the below mentioned toastmaster bread and butter machine recipe. This is a simple 1.0 lb loaf of white bread machine recipe and a must try for all.

Ingredients to be used:

•    ¾ cups of water (80 degrees Fahrenheit) required for the loaf mixture.
•    4 tablespoon of oil or 3 tablespoon of unsalted soft butter.
•    4 tablespoon of sugar.
•    1 tablespoon salt.
•    1 tablespoon of oil.
•    For the use of yeast there are three options you can go by. If Quick rise yeast or machine bread yeast is used then 1 tsp and if active dry yeast is used the 11/2 is to be used.

white bread toast master machine recipe

Now, if you want to go for the use of milk instead of water, using butter as the 2nd ingredient will be preferred. Make sure that all the measurements are correctly made so that the baked bread comes out just as it is supposed to. Do ensure that all the ingredients listed are at room temperature except for the water that needs to be warm. Have your toastmaster bread machine ready at hand and start following the recipe directions mentioned below.


Take out the bread pan and attach the kneading blade.
Pour down the ingredients into the bread pan of the machine as mentioned below in the perfect order below:
1.    Water.
2.    Oil
3.    Sugar and salt.
4.    Flour.
5.    Yeast.

•    Make sure that the yeast is on top of the flour and away from all the liquid ingredients.
•    Place the pan in the toastmaster bread machine and cover with the lid.
•    Make your ‘Program’ and ‘Crust Colour’ selection and start off the process.
•    At the first beep of the kneading process, check the dough and if it is slightly sticking to the edge which it will at that point, add a little flour and remove the sticky dough away from the edges of the pan.
•    When the beeper goes on again, the dough has finished baking. Stop the process and definitely use safety gloves or mittens. Take out the bread pan and turn it upside down. Shake it to make an easy removal. Take out the kneading blade and the loaf.
•    Let the loaf rest for a good 30 minutes before making the cut.
•    Slice it up whichever way you feel like and add a generous helping of butter to make it even more delicious.
•    Do ensure that you have a good knife to cut the bread because you need the beautiful fluffy crumbs intact and not falling off.

You can take a look at the toastmaster bread and butter machine manual to ensure how the steps takes place along with several other interesting and varied bread recipes. Since now, you know how to make the best of white bread in the most simple of ways, go ahead and try your hand at it. Experience the delicious goodness that is going to come out of it.