If you are a fan of the toastmaster bread makers, The Bread maker Toastmaster Breadbox 1150 is the machine that you are either already using or on the verge of buying. If you are interested in making whole wheat breads and make a delicious platter of healthy and fresh meals, this is the one bread making machine that you should opt for.

The viewing window

To see your bread on the rise is the best feeling in the world for a baker. If you want to make your breads fresh in the morning and want to see the process of making, this is the perfect machine to use. The large viewing window will give you a sneak peek into the lovely whole wheat bread rising.

Breadmaker Toastmaster Breadbox 1150

A whole range to explore

With several cycles and bread crust options to work with, you can gladly make lavish bread spreads in no time at all. With so many cycles and programs available, you can make any kind of breads you want, whether be it garlic bread or the plain white breads. The kneading and baking process will be taken care of and you need not worry about anything at all.

The machine is priced moderately at 79.99$. It is going to last you a very long time and the investment as well will be a great addition to your home kitchen. If it’s too expensive for you, consider a loan through Sambla, they offer competitive rates and even help with refinansiering so you can negotiate a lower rate. You can even take a look at the Toastmaster TBR 15 1-1/2-Pound Breadmaker to get a sleeker design.

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